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"Half a Peak" Tour (4 hrs)
The Compromise Tour!
City Tour combined with Peaky Locations

Now what if your better half (or the other half of your group) doesn’t want to do a Peaky Tour? They may even (gasp!) never have seen the show! In short, you want to make a Peaky pilgrimage and they don’t so what can you do? Well I guess you could have then whacked but that’s rather extreme and messy to say nothing of illegal! [Disclaimer: Peaky Locations Tours in no way endorses having people whacked, taken out, dealt with etc.].

So why not take the “Half a Peak” tour which devotes half the time to Peaky sites and half to a general tour of Liverpool? Even during the Peaky parts of the tour, a general history of the sites will be given as well as their role in Peaky filming so non-fans won’t be bored. We also take a prolonged comfort stop at one of the city’s 2 cathedrals and a photo stop at the Penny Lane road sign.

This tour may just save your marriage/friendship – Don't listen to Tommy - compromise is good!

N.B. This tour will drive slowly past most of the Peaky filming locations and makes just 2 Peaky stops: “Watery Lane” where the Shelby’s grew up and operated their illegal gambling dens and also the building that stood in for Birmingham Art Gallery. We will also stop at Penny Lane for a photo stop and visit one of the 2 cathedrals, one of which features in S6.

Half a Peak


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